Against the grain photography…..

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Love is…


the way the sun lands perfectly in my “waiting for mommy to get done with work” spot at this time of year.

Too lazy to go to the computer, I busted this out with WordPress for Android.




It does stuff that is good.

Room for one more?


Oh yes, this brings total shooting capacity on my dual slot D7000 to 48GB at once.  That’s approximately 15k photos before switching cards.

Let the feast begin.

Where’s my sandwich?

Welcome to the proverbial ‘it’. Your last chance to see. The place where old rolls of nitrocellulose coated with silver halide salts go to unwind. The anti-digital digital blog. Welcome to against the grain photography.

Welcome….to Rogue Photo.

The process evolves.


Apparently I can do this from my phone.  Well, harrumph to you modern world.